Why Pet Portraits?

Many of you know me as a Fine Art photographer. Sadly, throughout history, art-making alone hasn't fully paid the bills for most people. For many of us, we continue to create, anyhow--but isn't it nice when we can combine the two?

I've wanted to be a photographer ever since I held my first Le Clic camera and wasted rolls and rolls of film photographing ducks on a lake in Austria. Unless my mother threw it out, I still have an album with incredibly boring images, somewhere.

My first camera. Image stolen from Pinterest.

My first camera. Image stolen from Pinterest.

I moved on to my father's Nikkormat when I found it in my father's study in 8th grade. I became truly obsessed--to the point of almost not graduating High School after cutting too many classes to be in the darkroom. Everything was fair game, but fashion photography was my goal.

Photography School came after; along with it a loss of the impulsiveness and playfulness I loved about photography. Although I learned a ton of valuable technical skills, I became so hung-up on the notion that everything had to be perfect that I lost my joy at the craft. I realized six months into moving to NYC that I had no desire to be a photographer, and went back to school for graphic design. 

Strangely, it was having my first iPhone, a decade later, that brought my love for photography back. There was only so much one could do with it: point and shoot. After about two years of shooting with my phone my passion was back, and I graduated to a "real" DSLR. Eventually I invested in lighting, rented a studio, and made art again. 

After shooting to my heart's content for the past three years and having one project go accidentally viral (NSFW for some tastes), I knew I wanted photography in my life again, full-time, as my career.

This time, along with my technical skills, I choose joy. An avid animal lover, I appreciate the fact that pets are who they are, and there's a certain amount of letting go that needs to happen to capture a true portrait. Letting go brings me back to the playfulness and impulsiveness that made me fall in love with photography in the first place. Animals are not self-conscious; they are who they are. They will jump, or drool, or itch, or look into the camera with utmost dignity. Capturing those moments make for the best, most-expressive portraits -- moments that bring me joy to photograph and end up a beloved keepsake for the animals' humans.

I use my technical training, original love for fashion photography, and newer obsession with the art of the Renaissance to create one-of-a-kind, high-quality, expressive and painterly portraits of your deeply-loved pet. I look forward to hearing about your friend(s), what makes them who they are, and crafting a session that will highlight their special qualities for a portrait series you will love and show-off proudly.

I will be officially booking sessions beginning in mid-April. In the meantime, sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date with developments and special offers!